Energy storm is the second expansion pack in Deltanar, after heaven Descending. In Energy Storm, the Angels reconsidered the kindness of the races in Deltanar and decided to join the alliance, meanwhile, the orcs opened a portal for the demons to go back to Deltanar, so the demons joined the horde.


After the great battle, Herodes, the continent, was no longer dangerous since it was calm now, the angels went back to their home city and the demons were no longer in Meegonesia, but the continent was too damaged and contaminated by holy and unholy energy, so no one traveled inside the continent.

New Race: MeegosEdit

Within a year, while the alliance and horde kept fighting each other The city of Meegonesia got inhabitants now, the original Meegos, who eventually survived the demon invasion by escaping to the black forest, a forest located in a tiny island near Herodes. The Meegos traveled towards meegonesia and totally rebuilt their city throughout the year.

The Meego are small animal-like species resembling a cat. This race has planned revenge from long time ago agaisnt the demons making the black forest their headquarters.

The Meego will start at Meegonesia and will expand to the other continents, the events will slowly adapt the Meego to the enviroment but since its a neutral race, it wont belong to alliance nor horde.


Within the Black Forest, the Meego have slowly absorbed the holy and unholy energy in Herodes using magic that has slowly built up throughout the great war. Also the Meego leader Arcat, has sneaked into the angel city and the underworld during the great war where both races were distracted. Arcat placed the relics in the fountains of holy and unholy power. The first relic: Vertigris was hidden within the demonic keep, where unholy energy is produced. And the second relic: Magris, was hidden within the Holy tower. Both relics were concealed perfectly and starting absorbing holy and unholy power, Remmited to the last relic Valkyrie, a powerfull weapon that would drain both energies in order to get revenge from the Demons by blasting energy at them.

New areasEdit

The Black forestEdit

The Black forest is a level 50-60 instance that covers the energy Arc, where Valkyrie resides. It is full of powerfull meego guards and beasts. It also serves as an entrance to the new dungeon, the Energy Arc.

Energy ArcEdit

A level 60-70 dungeon where the super weapon resides, be carefull, as it is guarded by the Meego king, Arcat.


The underworld is now available through the demon city, it is a level 10-50 instance. Since the new demon portal is open, players can go through it to the underworld, they can take two paths, one leading to the demon main city, or the other one in order to explore the underworld.

Deltanars SkyEdit

The sky is now available through the Theller mountains, it is also a level 10-50 instance. Players can transport to the angels main city from the theller mountains, and then explore the sky facing elementals.


Energy storm events will start after people know whats happening in the black forest. The demons will attack meegonesia, but the lack of unholy energy absorbed by vertigris will make the meegos defeat them easily.

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