The Heaven Descending is the first expansion pack in Deltanar. It features two new neutral races:

The AngelsEdit

The Angels, a holy race living withing Deltanars sky, who decided to secretly descend from the sky in order to ambush the demons. With the directions of Artheos, the general, the angels plan on luring the Demons out in order to defeat them.

The DemonsEdit

Hidden within the concealed city of Meegonesia, once a home for the Meego, an animal race, are the demons, which invaded the city from beneath the earth and killed most of the Meego. The Demons waited the descending of the angels from long time ago, even before the appeareance of the first races, so they have revealed their existance, and are ready for the angels to come.

Races in DeepEdit


The angels will start at their city in the sky: Belthea, and will decend to Deltanar once they are level 10 by flying.

The demons will start at the underworld, and will ascend to Meegonesia through the Devil portal at level 10.


Both races: angels and demons, are neutral because of different reasons, this means they dont belong to neither horde or alliance. This is because: the angels dislike the way the races in Deltanar have created war and hate between each other. And the demons are feared by both alliance and horde because of their unholy power, so the demons and angels only have eyes for each other.

New Continent: HerodasEdit

The Heaven descending expansion will also feature new areas in Deltanar, such as the new continent of Herodas, where both Angels and demons will encounter.

Theller mountainsEdit

The Theller mountains are the only way the other races can reach the sky above Deltanar, it is a level 10-15 area, but if the player decides to take another path, they will reach the higher mountains which are level 13-20 areas.

Ileon IslandsEdit

The Ileon islands are strategic points for the great battle, as they are infused with holy and unholy power, the Angels and Demons will battle for the islands power in order to defeat each other. The Ileon island are level 20-30 areas.

Twilight PlainEdit

The twilight plain, a gigantic plain in the middle of Herodas, where the great battle between angels and demons will develop, it is an extremely dangerous area, in middle of warfare, it is a level 30-40 instance.


As an evolving expansion, Heaven descending will have different events each week until its epilogue after the great battle, however, the expansion can be restarted if you want if you missed the events. The first storyline event will be the domination of the first island, conquered by the demons. The next week will be the capturing of the second island, conquered by the angels. The third and four islands will happen the next weeks, one conquered by the demons and the other one by the angels.

But all the action isnt only in Herodas, the angels and demons will also fight in the Alliance and Horde areas, so the event will also affect other races, which will have to kill the angel and demon NPC in the territory.

The last event will happen in the Twilight Plain, where the last fight develops, the first 2 days of that week the demons will fight the angels alone, but at the third day the area will become a Pvp for all alliance races as they will get to fight the demons alongside the angels. Eventually, in the epilogue, the angels and the humans, elves and Nekos will defeat the demons. With a cinematic of the demons retreating to the underworld and the angels sealing the portal with holy power.


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