The world of Deltanar had originally 6 races, 3 in the alliance and 3 on the horde, all the races took different paths during the evolution process, giving them different traits the races are:



The story of the human race started with the conflict with the orcs, They battled tough wars, so the Humans created the Alliance, recluting The Elf and Neko race, who denied at first, but after the horde members destroyed their villages they joined the Alliance.


The Elves, a wise race very similar to the humans, used to live calmly in forests with the Neko, but the horde attacked them relentlessly and destroyed their homes, so the elves decided to join the Alliance and get their home back.


The Neko took a different path in evolution, they embraced a animalistic humanoid form, they have cat ears, a tail, and paw-like hands. The Neko used to live with the elves in the forests, but the members of the horde ravaged their homelands, leaving the Neko with no other option but to join the Alliance.



The Orcs are a wild, brute race with humanoid form and red skin, They created the horde to defeat the humans, but they first destroyed the Elves and Neko's forests, making the war against the humans much easier.


The lizardmen is the most different race in the evolution path, mostly like the Nekos animal path, but the Lizardmen took a complete lizard-like look, having scaled and green skin. The Lizardmen joined to horde in order to destroy the Elves home for unknown reason.


The Vampires are a race that were at first with the alliance, but their inhuman and assasin nature shocked the humans, who then shunned the vampires from the alliance. The Orcs quickly offered the vampires a place in the horde, and the Vampires accepted to get revenge from the humans.

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